Verifying the noon wind at KORD

By Matt Gallagher Well, today sure is turning out to be challenging for a first day for the contest!  The weather at KORD has been a bit unsettled, to say the least.  We won’t know until tomorrow how our forecasts turned out when the Daily Climatology Report is issued, but if you want to follow along inContinue reading “Verifying the noon wind at KORD”

Preview for May 18, 2020 – KORD

By Matt Gallagher Good morning everyone! Our first forecast is due tonight, May 17, at 00 UTC (technically May 18), or 7 pm Sunday Chicago time.  Here’s a preview of the setup for tomorrow. The WPC shows Sunday’s storms largely having cleared to the east Monday morning though the threat of precipitation is still very realContinue reading “Preview for May 18, 2020 – KORD”

MOS is Boss

By Matt Gallagher  Most of you are probably familiar with weather models. For those of you who are not, weather models such as the GFS, NAM, Euro, CMC and others attempt to ‘solve’ for the state of the atmosphere by taking an assumed initial state of the atmosphere and then using computer power to simulateContinue reading “MOS is Boss”

Chicago (KORD) – Climatology

By:  Winn Soldani Sweet home Chicago.  The Windy City. Welcome to the first forecast city for the CYC Weather Challenge, and a challenging one it is.  Though we have many Chicagoans as part of this contest and this might seem easy to you all, forecasting for O’Hare is going to be an interesting way toContinue reading “Chicago (KORD) – Climatology”

Welcome to the CYC Weather Challenge 2020

Welcome to the Chicago Yacht Club Weather Challenge (CYCWXC—all the cool meteorologist types call weather “wx”). Key links: Register for the contest (any time) Rules for the contest Submit a daily forecast Read the blog for more information We’re your hosts and guides, Matt Gallagher and Winn Soldani.  As you may know, we are graduates ofContinue reading “Welcome to the CYC Weather Challenge 2020”