UPDATED KPVD WIND ROSES By Winn Soldani It’s always good to have an adult in the room, and our good friend, Chris Bedford, noted something in my write up of KPVD yesterday and I thought I would share his insight with everyone. The wind roses that we used below were from all the way backContinue reading


By:  Winn Soldani Welcome to week two of the CYC Wx Challenge!  Matt and I are appreciative of everyone’s participation last week and hope we see even more of you this week (we’re talking to you, east coasters…we saw you sitting out KORD…don’t be afraid…). This week, we’re forecasting for Providence, RI—the closest climatology stationContinue reading “KPVD CLIMATOLOGY”


May 23, 2020 By:  Winn Soldani Congratulations to all of you who participated in the first week of the CYC Weather challenge.  Matt and I really appreciate your enthusiasm and effort! Results for the week are pending, but I took a moment to look at a few trends I noticed across a few variables.  HopefullyContinue reading “AVERAGE FORECAST ERRORS–ORD”

Chicago (KORD) – Climatology

By:  Winn Soldani Sweet home Chicago.  The Windy City. Welcome to the first forecast city for the CYC Weather Challenge, and a challenging one it is.  Though we have many Chicagoans as part of this contest and this might seem easy to you all, forecasting for O’Hare is going to be an interesting way toContinue reading “Chicago (KORD) – Climatology”